Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tom Green

Easter Sunday, 2013

The King Stag is dead.

Long live the King.

The faithful are singing hymns today, rejoicing for Christ risen. I sing a hymn of rejoice for our brother Tom Green who crossed the great divide last night. He died like he lived, with dignity, integrity and grace. Ever the craftsman, Tom crafted his death with care and attention to detail.  He lived and died in beauty.  I am in awe.

Tom lived so close to the earth, death only serves to send his body home. But his spirit, ah his fierce, funny, fiery spirit is free.  He rises on the thermals, spiraling higher and higher. Lifting into the atmosphere, he flies. 

When I walk these waterways, when I see a bird or a flower and wonder what it's called, every time I light a bonfire or serve a meal in the meadow, I will think of Tom Green. He is of this place, his chosen home.  He is of us, his chosen people.

Shine on brother.