Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Balls of Lightning

I see you mamas and aunties out there, hiding your candles under bushels. Your light is hidden but, I promise you, it has not gone out. I see you stepping into the background so as to make more room in the spotlight for your child. We mamas take such infinite joy in the light that shines from our children's faces, we hide our own light so that they might shine brighter. It was ever thus and is as it should be; none of us would have it any other way. But, speaking as somone who has made it to the other side of full-time motherhood, I bear witness to this truth: your light may be hidden, but it has not gone out. It doesn't matter how deep its buried or how long it has been covered. If you are lucky and canny and don't give up, the children grow up, move out, move on and leave a space. In that space, there's room to breathe and, where there's breath, there's flame. In that space, your candle is still burning.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Venusian Life Forms

There's a slow, soaking rain in the Colestine tonight and deep snow on the mountain for this late in the year. As much as I crave the sun and hate the mud, a wet springs makes a green summer. In late August when it's unbearably hot and dry, when the shortest walk ends with socks full of foxtails and stickers, there will still be water in Cottonwood Creek. The pools will be full at Queens Bath and I'll give thanks for spring rain.

I spent an hour floating in the hot tub in a steady rain. An old patio umbrella, provides some cover, just enough to keep the fattest drops from my face, but even in its shelter the air was alive with moisture. In the pitch dark, I lay in water breathing water and it felt like I'd entered a different realm. Perhaps that's what it would feel like if I were a life form on Venus, if only I could breathe sulphuric acid.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big Chief Dogboy and the Porkbutt Cage Match

Hey Steph,

FYI... I'm lookin' for three Webbers. I'll bring four porkbutts as well as what I am already on the list for. We did eight butts last time. With three Q's I can handle up to nine butts. As I recall, Last campout the BBQ'ed pork was gone by lunch time the next day. Dat's summ eatin'. Dat's what I like...

Let me know what else you need out of my miserable butt...

Hey Steph,

A quick note here... Had preliminary contact with Dutch. He's good for "at least one BBQ and two porkbutts". Will lock in the contribution later in the weekend as the Sullivan family has houseguests from the UK in for at least tonight. Dutch is good for at least that so add it to the list.

Is Phil Lee on any of your distribution lists? I haven't seen him for a while. Let me know if you've heard or sent to him. His is BBQ number three...

Am thinking this campout should be billed as the Porkbutt Cage Match: You bring it I'll pull it, no matter how many are contributed. Don't quote me on this until I find out about Dutch's other BBQ. With four I'll even do veggies...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Chiefs Rising

Wouldn't it be cool if I could provide every Colestine chef with a huge head dress like the one Big Chief Boudreaux wears? Wouldn't that look FANTASTIC?

Colestine Campout's coming! Preliminary menu negotiations between the Big Chiefs of the Kitchen have begun. The adobe oven needs repair so I'm afraid pizza's out this year. Friday night's menu is still under discussion, but Big Chief Joe has some ideas. On Saturday, Big Chief Dogboy will reprise his Siskiyou Tacos with the pulled pork, coleslaw and that unbelievable fry bread. It's a labor-intensive task that requires all hands on deck but, oh my god, the pay off is so worth it. Lowell will barbecue a big hunk of pork on his Weber kettle. We could use a back up grill and meat donations. If you can provide either, please coordinate with me so that we don't have too much!

Course maintenance is on the schedule, although there's not much to do. We didn't get any huge snow dumps this year, so there isn't much downed wood on the ridge. Beach maintenance has to wait for warmer weather. The creek ran high this year and did some serious damage. I see ass-deep cold water and buckets of sand in my future.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mornin' in the Kitchen, 1999

Colestine Campout #4 1998

Moe, John & Michelle, Mark, Konnie

Mary Ann, John Moore, John Conniff, Sequoia

Konnie, Mark, Joe

Colestine Campout #3 1997

Selena, Arly, Rachel, Micah, Kiva & Sierra, 1997

Jeff, Ruthe & Lauren, 1997

Colestine Campout #2 1996

Steph, Cindy, Sequoia, Jane & Stephany making eggrolls, 1996

Jimmy & Konnie, 1996